Thinking differently is what evoCore Development is all about.

evoCore Development is a full service real estate development and consulting firm focused on retail, commercial mixed-use, and residential development. The company offers tremendous flexibility not traditionally found in the industry. With expertise in multiple types of real estate development and investment, evoCore is focused on not just being on, but creating the cutting edge of the industry.


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what we do

As a full service real estate development and consulting company evoCore offers increased value and productivity to many aspects of the real estate industry.

evoCore Development is actively involved in several projects throughout the country. Current projects range from large distressed asset purchases and sales, commercial mixed-use to storage condos.

evoCore is currently looking throughout the western United States for opportunistic projects. If you have something that may fit into this niche please contact us.


  • Bulk REO
  • Performing & Non-Performing Notes
  • Bulk REO & Note exit strategies


Our services

Distressed Asset Sales

evoCore Development, LLC has positioned itself as one of the few go to companies is the distressed asset arena.

We work with several key strategic partners throughout the country to provide access to bulk REO's, and Performing & Non-Performing notes in both the residential and commercial arenas. Current deal sizes range from $5m to over $1B.



Project Development Solutions

With combined experience well over 75 years in the home building and development industry our team can offer a wealth of knowledge to your project. 

Whether you are looking for just a onetime consultation to help give you direction or a complete team to entitle, develop, build, market and sell your project, we can work with you to develop a plan of attack. 



Commercial & Residential Development

evoCore is focused on not being the same. The projects we choose to be involved in reflect that.

As a diverse company, evoCore Development,LLC has the ability and capacity to work on small infill projects to large master plan communities.



Banks Looking Seriously at Dealing with Distressed Assets

Banks are going to be giving troubled loans on their balance sheet a closer look this year with an eye to finally making some decisions, according to Guy Langford, the recently appointed head of Deloitte's distressed asset and debt practice. If they do decide to foreclose on assets they will be facing yet another set of decisions, he says. "Lenders either have to build those competency sets, outsource them or devise a strategy on how to derive value and monetize the distressed



11.16. 09
What's to Come in Commercial Real Estate?

…wait until you see what’s in the cards for commercial real estate. 
That’s right, the next train wreck will be in commercial real estate.

Couldn't’t be worse than last year’s residential market crash? That remains to be seen. But it’s coming soon, probably as early as the second quarter of next year, and there’s nothing that can prevent it.



08.14. 09
Another one Bites the Dust!

Those of you that have been working with distressed asset sales will be very familiar with this story - Great Deal Falls Apart at the Final Hour.  The product was real this time, the buyer proofed up for double the buy amount, the product was in a good location and the price was right; Willing Seller, Willing Buyer.  What’s the problem then?  Ah… It’s the familiar story of failure - THE BROKER CHAIN!